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Memorial City

Single Barrel Flight

Four Roses Single Barrel - 100 proof, 7-9 yrs.
This high rye bourbon is complex, full-bodied, & surprisingly smooth with a delicate long finish that is unbelievably mellow.

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel - 110 proof, 8-10 yrs. 
Matured in the deepest No. 4 Alligator Char barrels, rich oak meets intense spiciness, overlapped with classic vanilla & toffee tones.

George Dickel Single Barrel - 96.2 proof, 15 yrs.
This High Corn mash-bill sleeps 15 years in No. 4 Char barrels. A nose of intense cherry, vanilla, & musty oak gives backbone to a palate of chocolate, strawberry, & vanilla.

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