Join us help those in need!

The Rouxpour is proud to be participating in the “Food It Forward” campaign!

A win/win program to support both local charities and restaurants!  During these times of uncertainty and economic downturn, we are partnering with a few local charities that have steadfastly supported at-risk and homeless members of our communities.  Your donations, made directly to these non-profit organizations, will enable them to purchase gift cards or prepared meals from participating restaurants to help feed those in need.  In turn, The Rouxpour will offer a discount on all campaign food orders.

Below is the list of charities we are partnering with, as well as a link to their websites.  Please donate and request that your donation be applied to the “Food It Forward” program and select The Rouxpour as the restaurant you wish to supply the meals.  Should you make a general donation to the Food It Forward program, the charities will make the decision on which of the participating restaurants to order from.