Dress Code & Other Items

The Rouxpour's Dress Code 

The Rouxpour has a Business Casual Dress Code policy in order to maintain an enjoyable environment for all guests.

We thank you in advance for following these rules and guidelines which will be enforced at our restaurants. 

•    Excessively revealing clothing, exposed undergarments, and oversized, baggy clothing are not allowed.

•    Clothing should not exhibit offensive language, graphics, or odors.

•    Pool and gym wear is not allowed, specifically:

      o    Men's sleeveless tank tops

      o    Exposed Sports bras

      o    Hooded sweatshirts with the hood worn on the head

The Rouxpour's management reserves the right to update the dress code policy at any time, make discretionary exceptions as appropriate

and refuse service to patrons who we deem are not appropriately dressed. 

Additional Policies

•    Outside Food - No outside food or beverages will be allowed in the restaurant, including but not limited to, water bottles, desserts, and cakes.

•    Balloons are not allowed in the restaurant unless written permission has been received for a private party.

•  Vaping- Vaping is not allowed in restaurants. Any guest caught vaping in the restaurant will be asked to leave.

•    Separate Checks - The Rouxpour will allow a maximum of 4 separate checks per party.

•  Large Parties - The Rouxpour will only allow parties of 8 or fewer without a prior reservation and contract.  

                               All parties of 6 or more will incur an automatic gratuity of 20%.

    *During our remodel of The Rouxpour Sugar Land, parties will be limited to 6 or fewer due to limited table space*      

       Large parties can also book private events through our website at www.TheRouxpour.com.